Coexistence Village

Functional model for the coexistence of Roma and non-Roma population in Ostrava.

Humanitarian aid centre

help to the needed people in Ukraine


Horizont Cup

Alba and her friends

On 24th of August 2017 it was a big event in Ostrava Kunčičky: THE HORIZONT CUP, a football match with different teams from Ostrava. This event was a good occasion for me to play with children, stay with the families, get to know new people and spend good time with the Carita’s workers; I also discovered a new place in Kunčičky: a nice football pitch.

European Voluntary Service in Spain!!!

European Voluntary Service in Spain!!!

I always try new things and accept challenges, therefore I decided to use the longest holidays of my life and go to Spain, specifically to Zaragoza as a volunteer through European Voluntary Service. Smooth preparation was ensured by hosting organisation Fundación Canfranc as well as sending organisation Diecézní charita ostravsko-opavská, so I was in good hands from the beginning.

CALL for Hungarian volunteer


Dancing afternoon in low threshold facility

Our friends from Coexistence Village were also there as a co-organiser and great volunteers Elvi and Nastja visited us too.

We love Children Paradise!!!

Although the weather was not good we were not discouraged by it and on Wednesday 9th of November 2016 we went to Komenský sad in Ostrava to have a good time.

Halloween workshop in Coexistence Village

On 2nd of November you could meet a lot of monsters in Depo club as they were attracted by annual Halloween workshop which workers prepared for children and their parents.