Coexistence Village

Functional model for the coexistence of Roma and non-Roma population in Ostrava.

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 Coexistence Village - Vesnička soužití

Coexistence village was established in 2002 for underprivileged families - victims of the floods in 1997 - and became a successful pilot project of Social Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, which implements a functional model for the coexistence of Roma and non-Roma population in Ostrava. Coexistence Village consists of 30 family houses and building community centers. 30 families live here, ten of them Roma, ten non-Roma, ten mixed, a total of about 130 people.

Diocesan Charity of Ostrava-Opava is engaged in continuous social programs aimed at social inclusion and prevention of socially negative phenomena. Residents Coexistence village and its surroundings (in particular locality of Liščina) is facing an acute threat of social exclusion due to long-term unemployment and related existential issues, debt and welfare dependency. This has resulted in an increased incidence of socially pathological phenomena in this area, both among children and youth, as well as among adults. Building the community center became a center of social services available to clients specifically in this area. 

Social services

Since June 2007there are three registered social services in Coexistence village: Social counseling, Social activation services for families with children  and Children's club. Social counseling for clients is open daily on weekdays except Friday. The target groups are the Roma, the unemployed, mothers on maternity leave, families, socially excluded persons, persons engaging in risky lifestyle. One of the main priorities is long-term counseling issues of over-indebtedness of families and unemployment. 

The community center in the village of coexistence is open daily on weekdays 13:30-18:30 a.m. There are two opened spaces for unstructured recreational activities for children. Animators and social worker prepare for children cultural and sporting activities, thematic discussions, games, competitions, etc. In addition, there are some irregular events prepared for children. 

The target group of the service Social activation services for families with children is families who are facing long-term social crisis situation and cannot overcome it alone. This service used by both - residents of Coexistence village as well as the adjacent neighborhood. The service includes a wide range of activities, which can be divided into two groups. The first group is primarily for field work in families, in the second group it is work with children from socially disadvantaged families. 

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