Coexistence Village

Functional model for the coexistence of Roma and non-Roma population in Ostrava.

Humanitarian aid centre

help to the needed people in Ukraine

Counselling and Information Centre

The mission of the Counselling and Information Centre is to help people who find themselves in need or sold a  problem situation and they are unable to cope with such situation on their own. The purpose of these activities is not only support but also empowering enough to overcome their difficulties and be able to return to an acceptable quality of life. Based on the findings their expectations and goals, possible help alternatives are offered such information, advice or guidance. The course is based on advice from internal resources and potential clients and is planned with their participation. Contracts with clients are met according to their needs and according to available options. In many cases, long-term cooperation is conducted.

Counseling and Information Center provides professional social counseling, which takes the form of personal or telephone interviews or via e-mai. The service provides basic social and professional counseling, which includes free, discreet and impartial advice and information contributing to solving difficult social situation of citizens, help in restoring and strengthening contact with the natural social environment, help with orientation and communication in offices and filling out applications, ensuring follow-up services, mediation of contacts with other professionals and organizations providing social services.

Target group

The target group of Counselling and Information Centre is a wide range of people over 16 who are at risk of social exclusion and are in a difficult social or life situation. We provide our services especially in socially excluded communities, people who lead risky way of life, or are threatened in this way of life, seniors, persons with disabilities, families with a child / children, homeless people, victims of domestic violence and persons who are vulnerable to addiction or substance abuse. We focus on people who live in undignified way of life, not enough social or relational background and the long-term unemployed.


More information about Counselling and Information Center see at webpages Informační a poradenské centrum.


Diecézní charita ostravsko-opavská
Diocesian Charity Ostrava-Opava

Poradenské a informační centrum
Puchmajerova 10
702 00 Ostrava


social workers: Veronika Miair, DiS., Mgr. Kristýna Pustková
tel: 596 128 309, 731 625 867, 731 625 867