Coexistence Village

Functional model for the coexistence of Roma and non-Roma population in Ostrava.

Humanitarian aid centre

help to the needed people in Ukraine

Diocesan Caritas Ostrava-Opava


Diocesan Charity Ostrava-Opava is a non-profit organization, church legal entity.

Diocesan Charity Ostrava-Opava is a separate part of the Caritas Czech Republic. The territory of operation is the Ostrava-Opava diocese (area of Moravia and Jesenicko). Was established by the diocesan bishop, Mons. Frantisek Vaclav Lobkowicz, 1 January 1997 as a purpose-built facility with its own legal personality. Governed by the provisions of the Code of Canon Law and its own statutes, approved by the diocesan bishop. Diocesan Charity Ostrava-Opava is a separate part of the Caritas Czech Republic.

The mission of the Diocese of Ostrava and Opava Charity in accordance with its articles to help people who find themselves in the social, material, medical, mental, spiritual, or other need, regardless of religion, race or nationality, to fulfill the commandment of Christian love of neighbor , indicative of the equality of all people and of each individual value.

Diocesan Charity Ostrava-Opava is holding an organizational structure and consists of 18 regional charities with legal personality, led by the Directorate of the Diocesan Charity Ostrava-Opava. Regional charities run charitable individual devices, such as charity care and nursing service, a peaceful old age homes, shelters for the homeless, homes for mothers in distress, homes and sheltered workshops for the disabled, special social councelling, and others.


In order to departmental cooperation within the Diocese of Ostrava and Opava charity, education and mutual learning, professional growth of staff, support and sharing good practice meet professional college composed of representatives of various charities.


Diocesan Charity Ostrava-Opava performs methodical management, control and coordination of regional charities and their representation to other charities and provides services for regional charities. Further implements its own activities - its own centers of Diocesan Charity Ostrava-Opava: Village coexistence, Centre for Humanitarian Aid and Councelling and Information Centre. Furthermore, coordinated at the diocesan level Tříkrálová collection and implements its own projects, whether within or outside the centers.


Diecézní charita ostravsko-opavská - Diocesian Charity Ostrava-Opava
Kratochvílova 3
702 00 Ostrava

tel.: 599 525 941-2

IČ: 66181127
bank account: Raiffeisen bank Ostrava IBAN CZ8655000000001035006028

Statutory representative: Mgr. et Mgr. Lukáš Curylo

Council of Diocesan Charity Ostrava-Opava: Ing. Zbyněk Pražák (předseda), Mgr. Ilja Racek PhD., Ing. Marta Hrušková, P. Dr. ThLic. Jan Larisch

episcopal vicar: P. Dr. ThLic. Jan Larisch