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European Voluntary Service in Spain!!!

European Voluntary Service in Spain!!!

I always try new things and accept challenges, therefore I decided to use the longest holidays of my life and go to Spain, specifically to Zaragoza as a volunteer through European Voluntary Service. Smooth preparation was ensured by hosting organisation Fundación Canfranc as well as sending organisation Diecézní charita ostravsko-opavská, so I was in good hands from the beginning.

Our Lady of Pilar Church, Zaragoza, Spain

On 29th of May I successfully reached Zaragoza and accommodate myself in my suitable flat and met Sophie, the second volunteer, who told me everything about voluntary work. Every morning we spent in the office of the foundation where we did various administrative and translation work. We also prepared afternoon program for children. The children were pupils from poorer families who needed help with homework and the aim of the program was also to help them to spend time in meaningful way. As we were part of the team in foundation, our working days were sometimes enriched by various meetings, parties or working trips. I also had the opportunity to be part of the girls´ camp where I was a leader and English teacher.

Voluntary work with children.

As far as technical side of my stay is concerned e.g. financial ensuring, I was totally satisfied. I regularly received money for food, public transport and I also got pocket money which was enough for other activities that I wanted to do. In foundation they were very responsive and I also used my free days and went to the sea. I also completed voluntary training in Toledo.

On trips with Sophie.

I learnt incredible number of things during these two months abroad. It was not just about communication in foreign language and improvement of competence how to get use to new environment- I met a lot of great and interesting people, I travelled a lot and I saw almost whole Spain. I experienced how to take care of myself, to wash clothes when you do not have anything to wear and that you need to clean your room by yourself when you cannot move in it. I also got to know new culture, different opinions and different ( Spanish) mentality but I also strengthen opinion that when person do something for others for free it brings huge happiness, not only to people who need help but also to volunteer him/herself. It was invaluable experience and I am sure I will benefit from it very long time.

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