Coexistence Village

Functional model for the coexistence of Roma and non-Roma population in Ostrava.

Humanitarian aid centre

help to the needed people in Ukraine

We love Children Paradise!!!

Although the weather was not good we were not discouraged by it and on Wednesday 9th of November 2016 we went to Komenský sad in Ostrava to have a good time.

Children Paradise is situated approximately in the middle of beautiful Komenský sad in Ostrava and it is playground full of modern and safe playing elements for children of different ages. We were not for the first time in this playground but we were happy to come back there, children just love it. Children always ran around the whole playground and try to use everything there. The biggest „fight“ is always for ropeway which children adore and everybody has to use it at least five times. Children left the playground again full of enthusiasm, experience and they were nicely tired.