Coexistence Village

Functional model for the coexistence of Roma and non-Roma population in Ostrava.

Humanitarian aid centre

help to the needed people in Ukraine

For over 50 years ASF has been committed to working toward reconciliation and peace, as well as fighting racism, discrimination and social exclusion.

Today, these aims are continued and realised through the long-term international peace service programme. This is known as peace service because, in co-operation with our partners, volunteers develop their understanding of history and other cultures and societies, whilst experiencing and accepting different patterns of thought and behaviour. Nowadays, due to generational change, ARSP volunteers do not act from a feeling of personal guilt, but rather from the conviction that they want to make a positive contribution toward a more peaceful, just and tolerant world. Every year around 180 volunteers, mostly aged between nineteen and twenty five are active for ARSP in thirteen different countries on a variety of educational, historical, political and social projects.


Benjamin Brow, Germany
September 2014 - August 2015
Ben´s beginnings
Ben´s year in Coexistence Village
Trip to Berlin



Eva Kell, Germany
September 2015 - August 2016
Coordinating organisation: DCOO
Hosting organisation: Caritas Ostrava